pH Related

Common Q & A

Question: When should I adjust my pH?
Answer: You should adjust the pH of your water before mixing your nutrients. In recirculating systems, should adjust your pH after topping off your reservoirs before your daily feeding(s).

Question: I make a fresh batch of nutrients & adjust my ph to the level I need. A day or 2 later I check my ph and it is way out of acceptable range. What causes this & how do I fix it?
Answer: Typically in recirculating systems you will have to adjust your pH DOWN before every feeding. This is normal. Plants uptake nutrients with every feeding and thus affect the pH level of your reservoir as they uptake the nutrients.
pH & TDS Meter Related – Common Q & A

Question: How often should I clean my pH/TDS meter?
Answer: After every use.

Question: What type of pH meter is better?
Answer: It depends. Some people like digital pens that you dip into your water/nutrient solution to give you a reading as you need it. Other people prefer to have a constant visual reading of their reservoir’s pH, TDS and temp and would use something like the Bluelab Guardian or the Hanna Instruments 981504.