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There are similarities and differences between the two methods and cultures of plant cultivation. The debate will continue, as long as there are farmers and gardeners, as to which method is most beneficial, most efficient, most healthy, for the plant, the planter, and the living beings consuming the plants. Hydroponic and Organic growers have common goals: both are looking to cultivate healthy, nutritious plants and vegetables, free from harmful contaminants including pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The main difference in the two methods, simply stated, is that a hydroponic farmer feeds the plant and the root system directly and an organic farmer feeds the growing medium, and the root system seeks out the food in the medium. Hydroponics has been dubbed the scientific frontier of agriculture, and as more and more intelligent, curious human beings explore this frontier, and as more pressure is put on us a species to develop healthier and less-resource intensive ways to feed ourselves, we are beginning to see all sorts of hydroponic food production systems being developed including certified organic hydroponic gardens. Aquaponics is a great example of a method of farming that contains elements of both hydroponic and organic farming.

As we continue the search for safe, nutritious food, we should all begin this search as close to our front door as possible, if not behind our own front door. The best way to know if “organically grown” produce or any produce is clean and safe, is to know your farmer, or be your own farmer. Here at Island Horticulture Supply, we are providing you farmers and gardeners, no matter your experience level, with the knowledge, skills and supplies you need to grow your own, hydroponically or organically.

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