Nutrient, Reservoir, & Water Filtration/Purification

Common Q & A

Question: What causes tip burn & is tip burn harmful to my plants?
Answer: Tip burn is typically a result of a TDS/PPM level that is too high. Here at the shop we call it “Making your soup too spicy.” Tip burn is definitely harmful, and although usually it won’t kill your entire crop, it will definitely make your crop less productive.

Question: My plants have tip burn how do I fix it?
Answer: Drain your reservoir, flush your plants, and make a new reservoir.

Question: How do I know when to water?
Answer: If you are container gardening, then you would water the plant really well and weigh the plant container and all. When it loses around 25% of it’s weight you want to water again. You and 10 of your friends can have identical setups with the same plants and most of you would need to water at different cycles. The larger and healthier the plant the more water it will need. Climate, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air circulation all play a big part in how often to water.

Question: How much should I water when I water?
Answer: You want at least 15% to 20% run-off out of the bottom of the growing container when you water. That means you need 15% to 20% of what you put in the top of the container to flow out of the bottom of the container every time you water.

Question: Is there such a thing as too much oxygen in the reservoir?
Answer: No

Question: Why does my air pump get water in it when the power goes out?
Answer: If your power shuts off and your air pumps are below where your airlines enter your reservoir, gravity and a syphon-effect will allow water to flow in through your airstones and down your airlines to your air pump.

Question: When I mix my nutrients, the next day I notice the nutrients have settled to the bottom of the reservoir. How do I stop this from happening?
Answer: Acquire a more powerful mixing pump.

Question: How do I measure small amounts of nutrients, like 3 ml?
Answer: We sell syringes in our shops that measure as small as 1ml.

Question: Why do people use water purification/filtration systems to water their plants?
Answer: Using a water filtration system will help remove harmful contaminants from the water. Furthermore, having a water filtration system will make the water’s ppm level 0 and all feeding schedules start at a 0 ppm level. As a rule of thumb, always have the water you are using to feed your plants tested to know what is in your water!!